The ARLA conference was very well attended and it was good to see so many familiar faces. ARLA have to be commended for organizing such a worthwhile day.

There were a range of very interesting presentations which included talks from Michael Portillo, Deborah Meaden as well as a debate from a representative of Shelter and the National Landlord Association. In my opinion, and bearing in mind Carrfield Ltd is a property training company, the most interesting comment was from Branden Lewes, Minister of State for Housing and Planning. He said that parliament is looking into making Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) compulsory for all rental properties. For agents and landlords who have Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) and holiday lets this will not be a surprise as you have to have one already, but for those of you who let & manage properties that are not HMO’s then this will finally clarify the most commonly asked question “do we need to have a PAT record?” If they do decide to make this compulsory, then Carrfield will welcome the news. We have always recommend that all landlords have a PAT record in place before they let out their properties. We will keep you posted on what comes out of Parliament on this subject.